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Scribus 1.5.0

Scribus Review:

 Desktop publishing is something which requires unlimited formatting, color management and proper layout management. It is difficult to find a free program that can handle so many things so easily, however, Scribus does it all. Scribus, is completely cross-platform program that is very powerful and has some great features to give it an edge.

 Far Better Than Anything Else

 Scribus is a cross platform program and this makes it's GUI a little less sleek and presentable as it hasn't been built keeping any particular platform in mind. However, this does not mean that it lacks in any kind of functionality that you might expect. It delivers more than expected in over 30 languages and works on all releases since Windows 98, Linux and Mac. 
 - Their latest release 1.5.0 has covered over 1000 bug fixes and brings even more functionality of latest technologies. 
 - Their document management capability is beyond expectations and it is the leader in color management among vast array of color profiles used for publishing and printing.

 Color Management

 Scribus, although is free, has serious powerful color management system that supports over 200 color profiles used around the world in printing press and publishing companies. 
 - It has released OCSC or Open Color System Collection 1.0 with the current version which has released more than 360 color systems under a Creative Commons License. 

 Its previous versions already supported CMYK colors, separations and ICC color management and OCSC is a significant and quite appreciable improvement over it.

 Document Management

 Treating texts and fonts is very versatile in Scribus and recently they have started a project called CTL that stands for Complex Text Layout which provides even better treatment of text imported into the application. It allows you to export documents in EPS, SVG and PDF. You can simply drag and drop objects to create a document and export it into any of these formats. However, formatting the document is not that intuitive and it will take a little time to master Scribus. For example, you cannot view changes in font in real-time. Similarly, to import PDF or EPS documents you need to do a little bit of ghostscripting and it is not an easy thing for beginners.

 In all, Scribus is extremely powerful and efficient for someone who has spent some time to understand it and learnt a few complex stuff. It has tremendous potential and is far better than many others available for hundreds of dollars.

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